I enjoyed organising people, as much as birding. I am the founding members of birdwatching clubs in my highschool, and at the Middle East Technical University. Between 2007-2012, I have been the secretary of the İstanbul Birdwatching Club (İKGT). During my seat, the club organised scheduled meetings and excursions, increased the participating members, reorganised mid-winter waterfowl counts, published two bird reports and organised two spring census for raptors.

I contributed significantly to the rising number of birdwatchers in Turkey by translating two field guides in Turkish. During my translation work, I got involved in the compliation and creation of bird names in Turkish, working with my colleague Sancar Barış and the National Geographic Magazine in Turkey. Until today over 2500 species has been named in the world checklist. A website will follow soon.

As an ecologist with data skills, I try to collect, analyse and publish all available bird data, to convert them into conservation action. Mid-winter Waterbird Counts have been the longest bird monitoring scheme since 1967. Between 2010 and 2012 I collaborated to consolidate the methodology and participaton, co-developed the main database of all counts. and standardised the counting stations at over 100 sites.

I have been working as the administrator of Kuşbank is the online data collection platform. Kuşbank moved to eBird in 2014 and has been the base for citizen science projects, such as the Breeding Bird Atlas and Mid-winter Waterbird Counts. To improve data validation on eBird, I became the founding member of the Turkish Bird Record Committee, co-managing Turkish eBird portal, working with 10 reviewers, keeping Turkish checklist of birds, and publishing regular reports and manage its website.

My project, the Turkish Breeding Bird Atlas is still under progress.