Nature Conservation

I started my conservation career as a volunteer of DHKD, the former pioneer nature conservation NGO of Turkey, at age 13. I was particularly influenced by the Important Bird Area programme, which connects people to nature in a unique way.

Luckily, I started my career at BirdLife International’s regional office in Quito, Ecuador as the IBA officer and published a regional inventory of biodiversity conservation sites, across the Andean countries among the BirdLife Conservation Series.

Since 2009 I have been working on several projects at WWF-Turkey as associate scientist. I collaborated on an education project on the Black Sea, an ecological footprint project for Turkey, the conservation of Common Crane in Adana and Turkish Breeding Bird Atlas. I played a critical role on the development of the Crane project, in which we found the roosting sites that host over 95% of the national populations. Beside that I advise them in strategic issues regarding Ramsar sites, potential scientific collaborators and field trips for fundraising.